How to Make The Perfect Buddha Bowl !!

I have recently fallen in love with Buddha Bowls and plan to make them the cornerstone of our menu this summer.

However, I have one little problem: when I’m thinking up a Bowl, I feel a lot like I did the first time I got a 64-color box of crayons – there are so MANY choices!! To aid in this dilemma, I created the following infographic to magnet to our fridge, and will be using it as a road-map to make the task of creating new combinations a bit easier.  [If you want to print one out for your fridge, click here for a printable PDF.]

Beginning with a Base, layer at least one item from each list in the infographic below into your favorite bowl to create your own Buddha Bowl bliss.

By any name, a Buddha Bowl is basically a colorful, delicious meal served up in a big bowl of Awesome. Comprised of healthy, (usually) plant-based ingredients like grains, roasted vegetables, nuts, sometimes fruits, a handful of leafy greens, and a flourish of sweet, savory, or tangy sauce, Buddha Bowls offer infinite combinations of flavor and texture.


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