Peanut butter chocolate cupcake protein pancakes!…

Peanut butter chocolate cupcake protein pancakes! 🤤#SundayFunday My other favorite flavor of @pescience Select Protein is Frosted Chocolate Cupcake! 😍{Code:Jill for 30% off} Whether sipping or baking, this protein is da best! When ya need to hit those sweet tooth cravings try this healthy recipe out!

🔹1 whole egg
🔹1 egg white
🔹1 scoop PE Science Select Protein
🔹1/8 tsp baking powder/soda
🔹1/4 cup Greek yogurt(I use Dannon light & fit Greek yogurt single serve)
🔹Topped with Chocolate syrup and PB2

DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients in a bowl! Then pour batter into a cooking pan lightly sprayed with cooking spray and boom! That’s it! 😋 Enjoy! {You can grab a tub of Select Protein at



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